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Our Investment Strategy

Our strategy focuses on acquiring quality assets in great locations that exhibit value-add potential.

We want to be in growth markets with strong fundamentals where employment drives household formation, there is growth in occupancy as well as in tenant demand, and where we are close to highly-populated, already-developed cities that may be saturated with investor activity

We are able to pinpoint these submarkets through our tech-enabled, data-driven systems, and provide our investors with the opportunity to participate in quality commercial real estate investments, achieve robust risk-adjusted returns, and enhance the communities where we are present.

Asset Management

A real estate asset management firm, powered by technology. Quarterly cash flow returns to investors through sound commercial real estate investments. 24/7 on-demand access to their portfolios, return metrics in real time, before and after pictures on CAPEX projects, and quarterly financial reports on investment progress.


Residential real estate sales and rentals, Commercial real estate sales and leasing, business brokerage, Business development services.

Property Management

Asset control with data management software solution to provide the investors with the tools to control and visualize their investment. Provides investors a full range of property management services.

Legal & Title Services

A technology-driven full-service title and real estate settlement provider. Member of The Fundʼs Presidentʼs Circle making it one of the top 100 title agents in the state of Florida.

The Avanti


We are committed to constantly challenge the real estate industry status quo, evolve our firm, and add massive value to our investors through innovation, transparency, and robust risk-adjusted returns

A platform to serve you

The Avanti Ecosystem

We are serial Real Estate entrepreneurs. As a conglomerate, “AWC” leverages the vertical integration of the multiple companies that make up the “Avanti Way Group”

Democratizing an asset class

Access to Private Market Real Estate Investment

We allow accredited investors to invest directly into quality commercial real estate at manageable levels that they would not otherwise have access to.

Unique Capabilities

Entrepreneurial Approach, Institutional Execution

We target smaller deals and bring an institutional execution to the sub-institutional space. We find more inefficiencies, have less competition and generate outsized returns

Positioned for generational wealth

Portfolio Allocation

Middle-class, quality assets in great sub-urban locations, with value-add components.
Stabilized, e-commerceoriented operations with potential to drive NOI
Necessity-based, service-oriented tenant mixes with strong underlying fundamentals.
Under-managed, well-located assets with strong, service-oriented tenant bases.

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A Premier Asset Management Firm,Powered By Technology